Food forest planting day Saturday November 9th

Planting day at Lakeside Food Forest

Join us Saturday November 9th at 10:00 am to help plant a food forest at Lakeside Community Garden.

If you’ll be joining us afterwards for a hot lunch, please fill in this poll so we know how much food to have on hand.

What we’re planting

  • 11 apple trees: Redfield, Freedom, Greensleeves, Liberty, Norkent, Pristine, Rebella, Sweet Sixteen, September Ruby, Wolf River, Wynoochee Early (we tried to choose a variety of heritage or disease resistant early, mid and late season apples)
  • 20-30 berry bushes: blackcurrant, haskap berry, goji berry, aronia berry and gooseberry
  • 2 grape vines: concord and muskat
  • 4 nut trees: chestnut, shagbark hickory and maybe a black walnut or bur oak

What else we’ll be doing

  • protecting our new apple trees (foam insulation or mounding sand to protect the graft then tree guards)
  • protecting the larger pear and sour cherry (bring wire snippers as I’ve salved some old wire hardware cloth)
  • staking our bare root trees
  • working a bit more on the paths into the nut orchard, fruit orchard and the south west welcome garden

Dress warm, the high is zero degrees!

Thank you to our supporters!

Thank you to our supporters:

  • Rideau 1000 Islands Master Gardeners for 11 apple trees
  • Canadian Tire for 10 fruit trees (pear, plum and sour cherry) and 30 berry bushes
  • City of Kingston
  • Riley’s Garden Centre for two grape vines and a gooseberry
  • Burt’s Greenhouses for strawberries and herbs
  • Ontario Hydro for keeping us supplied with soil healing wood chips