KASSI Seed Saving Plot Management – Volunteers Needed!

Hello Lakeside gardeners!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Kingston Area Seed System Initiative (KASSI) http://seedsgrowfood.org/. They manage a collection of local heirloom seeds. They have a partnership with Lakeside Community Garden to grow out and save their seeds. They are also looking for donations because their main fund raising event (Seedy Saturday) was cancelled this year!

KASSI is looking for volunteers who will manage one or two or more of their eight plots at Lakeside. Anyone interested please email lakesidegarden70@gmail.com

Cathy is holding two orientations and planting sessions this weekend: 10am on Saturday May 23rd and 4pm on Sunday May 24th. If these times don’t work for you, we can arrange another time.

This task has been added to the Membership Task List 2020 as item 15, and please add your name to the Task List Sign up Sheet too!

Check out these details from Cathy:

  • The Kingston Area Seed System (KASSI) has eight beds at Lakeside that we grow out for seeds. We plan to grow out one crop in each bed so that we have enough plants to ensure genetic preservation. One variety of tomatoes will take two beds.
  • Attached please find the instruction sheet that Cathy made to help anyone who is growing seed in the KASSI beds at Community Gardens and the varieties that we hope volunteers will grow out this year.
  • It might be easiest if people volunteered to take care of a bed or two or three or more 🙂
  • With the exception of the tomatoes, we grow all of the other crops out for seeds so there wouldn’t be any food to share. But we are always willing to share KASSI seeds with KASSI volunteers without asking for the usual sliding scale donation as long as they are willing to grow them out for seeds and food. And we can coach them about that too!
  • Volunteers tending the tomatoes can harvest them for food and seed. I’m hoping that we can share the tomatoes with everyone in the garden as long as they are willing to collect seeds to give back to us! Or to keep and share with others!
  • Of course KASSI is willing to provide support and coaching to anyone who needs it!
  • And it would be good to get other gardeners at Lakeside growing open-pollinated seeds that they can save. I would be happy to do a workshop to help people learn how easy it is to save seeds. KASSI could provide seeds for those gardeners without requiring a donation for anyone who is helping out with the KASSI seed gardens.
  • For anyone else- KASSI really needs donations this year because Seedy Saturday -our major fundraiser- was cancelled as you know!